Christmas blooms with flowers

Dec 7, 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. This is a time when everyone gets to go home and be with their families and friends to celebrate the holiday.. It’s also one of the most celebrated occasions around the world.

Christmas is a time – perhaps the time – to decorate. There’s something about the cold, white landscape outside that makes us want to brighten our homes and fill them with holiday cheer and life. And that means a bouquet or two of fresh cut flowers are must for filling homes with warmth and love.

So here are some ideas for arrangements that will decorate your home beautifully this season. 

You can make these arrangements with the following varieties: 

Carnation Red: Dante, Marte, Romeo, Virgilio, Vivaldi, Aragon, Sangria, Shelby. 

Carnation White: Nepal, Polar Route, Diamante, Nube, cumulus, ibis, nimbus, Straus.

Carnation Green: Jungle, Monteverdi.

Carnation Bicolor: Capulus, Sonatina, Payaso, Moorea.

Alstroemeria: Bounty, Himalaya, Rennaisance, Nadia o Romance. 

Ranunculus: Red or White.



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