Back to class

Sep 1, 2023

Back to school in Russia presents a beautiful tradition that reflects the deep reverence that Russian society has for education and for those who provide it: the teachers. As part of this return to the classroom, it is customary for children to present flowers to their teachers on the first day of school. It is celebrated every year on 1 September. This custom has deep roots in Russian history and culture. Since ancient times, flowers have been symbols of appreciation, gratitude and respect. Children carry carefully chosen bouquets of flowers lovingly presented to their teachers. This tradition not only establishes a relationship of respect between the educator and the learner, but also symbolises the beginning of a new period of learning and personal growth.  

The gesture of giving flowers is a symbol of hope and a wish for success in the new school year. It also strengthens the bond between students and their teachers, creating an environment conducive to learning and personal development. Children are often excited to give this small gift, which helps them start the school year with a positive and enthusiastic feeling. Teachers, for their part, receive these flowers with gratitude and appreciation, recognising the gesture as a reflection of the special relationship they have with their students. This simple but meaningful act demonstrates the importance of education in Russian society and how teachers play a key role in shaping future generations.  

In short, the tradition of children presenting flowers to their teachers at the 2023 Russian Back to School is a beautiful reminder of the connection between educators and students, as well as a symbol of the importance of education in Russian culture. This gesture transcends the merely academic, conveying values of respect, gratitude and hope at the start of a new school year full of possibilities.  



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