4 Winner Varieties of Proflora 2021

Jul 9, 2021

We are very proud to announce that 4 of our varieties in different categories were awarded with prizes at Proflora’s 2021 Outstanding Varieties Competition:

Spray Carnation Category:

Moorea: 1’st Place – Breeder. A beautiful variegated Spray Carnation green with a little bit of pink in its center. Now available!

Kapas: 2’ nd Place – Grower. A beautiful pink spray carnation with cherry stripes, very similar to jubilee because it seems to be traced with a paintbrush. Now available!

18M530 Terra: 2’nd Place – Breeder. A unique terra Spray carnation with a beautiful color. It is a code and we will have it available next year

Bulbs Category:

Ranunculus Success ® Favola: 3’ rd place – Grower. A very beautiful Ranunculus with a big head and a subtle pink color. Now Available!



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